Put AI in your production line

Drive Robots without programming

With our Fieldview App, you can now use machine learning to drive robots without the need to reprogram them for new products or components to be handled.

Inspection and QA

Using Fieldview you can process components or products in a production or assembly line for automated visual inspection. Fieldview will recognise defects and incorrectly assembled products.

Assembly line components recognition

Instead of scanning a tag for each component used in an assembly line you can let Fieldview track the component used by your production line workers so that you can now check not only if the right components have been picked up but also if they have been assembled properly.

Product recognition and sorting

When you have mixed lines or other situations where you need to separate different components or products, Fieldview can recognise them and provide position and coordinates of each one to your robots for a fully automated sorting.

Inventory management

Every time you pick a component from a shelf or a container Fieldview keeps track of the total count and can be integrated with your logistic system to monitor inventory levels across your assembly line.


You have an idea that requires computer vision? We can help you make it reality by tailoring Fieldview to your needs.

Fieldview Technology Preview

Fieldview Presentation at EMO


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