MedIS Web Platform – Release 2017

Communication between Pharma and Health Care Professionals is often inefficient and the needed medical information is not instantly available to the HCPs.

In 2014, with the help of AI we developed MedIS (Medical Information System), a platform that helps answer most medical requests by tapping into pre-approved medical documents. The more complex inquiries were classified and translated and then assigned to the appropriate field expert. HCPs were able to have the information they require immediately.

MedIS Web platform went live in October 2014, after two years of development, in 2017 we upgrade the User Interface Design, to make the software more User Friendly and up-to-date.

For our platform we used Material Design: a visual language that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation of technology and science.

Login – NEW UI 2017


Inquiries Inbox – NEW UI 2017


New Inquiry – NEW UI 2017


New Inquiry – Answer –  NEW UI 2017


AISmart Medical Information System

AISmart MedIS is built with your processes in mind. A simple web interface and a flexible process model will fit your company needs like a glove, making the management of medical information a rewarding experience.

Our team will be helping you in every aspect of the setup, including developing special solutions that complete the already existing functionalities, as well as in the technical setup and in the change management process. We offer AISmart MedIS as a SaaS so that you can concentrate on your job while we take care of all technical aspects, but we can also deploy our software in your intranet.

Our support team will train and help your users with typical turnaround time of minutes. Most important we will be your partners and work with you to make your MedIS experience a success.

AISmart MedIS will support you with:

  • collecting and routing inquiries to the appropriate internal specialist with our flexible and customisable process engine
  • organising and making the best of your documentation and collective knowhow through our embedded content management and the interoperability with MS Office formats
  • better understand your customers and identify key information areas with realtime reporting right on the web

Our software is already used by leader pharmaceutical companies, join them today

Software that thinks

Ever felt like the hundredth time you perform the same chore instead of using your time effectively, only because your corporate software cannot THINK?

We do, and are coming up with a solution!

Stay tuned for our next release of AISmart MedIS. This is what we have in store:

  • MedIS will extract inquirer data and contacts from the text of the inquiry even if it was written by your field colleagues
  • artificial intelligence will identify recurring question
  • system will automatically classify the incoming inquiries
  • system will propose answers and attached documentation to you for approval
  • if MedIS thinks an inquiry is adverse drugs related or is a product quality complaint it will automatically notify your dedicated team

Let the machine care about 80% of the cases while you concentrate on the complex ones.