MedIS IoS 2016

iPad Application

MedIS iOS is an iPad application built to complement MedIS Web.

It allows you to access MedIS and perform the most important duties when on the road.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 17.04.07.png

Handling Inquiries

MedIS iOS automatically synchronises all the information from the server locally so you can work without delay, even if you do not have network access


From the iPad you are able to:

  • insert new requests
  • edit existing inquiries
  • update inquirers
  • assign or escalate an inquiry
  • request follow up information
  • insert internal messages
  • send out an answer

Once you reconnect to the network MedIS iOS will send all your work to the server which will validate everything and act on your requests.

From the iPad you can access the documentation stored in MedIS Web through a very intuitive interface.


You can also access the spam inbox, your user profile, notification alerts,  and a rich help section which will guide you through all the features of the iPad app as well as serve as reference for any question you might have.


The following iPad versions are fully supported: iPad 2, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, & iPad Pro.

MedIS iOS went live in May 2016.