MedIS Office

Content Management

MedIS Office is a plug-in which will allow for seamless integration between the MedIS application and Microsoft Office for sustained content management.

It will offer the ability to browse and edit medical documents in a familiar environment by building upon the standard tools already available in Word & Powerpoint.

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Document Management

In addition to creating documents from scratch or updating an existing version, MedIS Office supports document localisation. Global Documents can be use as template for new localised versions and, as a document author you will be kept up to date with changes in the global document so that you can promptly update the version for your country. A text comparison feature will help you identify changes across different versions and localisations

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You can edit directly in Office all the details relevant for the MedIS application, and also manage the publishing and medical regulatory approval.

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Document Management

MedIS Office will ensure format consistency by performing validation checks on all submitted documents, making sure they adhere to the predetermined guidelines.

After the format is checked the approvals for content changes can be performed by the appropriate user.

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Document References

You can search for references in the internal library or PubMed website and insert them into the document directly.

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Once a document is published in MedIS Office it will be automatically available in MedIS online!



Our app will allow you to keep your documents in Office, while simultaneously integrating them to the MedIS environment.

This plug-in will be available for Office 2013, Office 2016 and Office Mobile. We are excited to release MedIS Office in Q1 2017.