MedIS Web Platform 2016

Medical Information System

MedIS Web is an online application that tracks the life-cycle of medical information requests, from insertion to answer.

It was designed specifically with pharmaceutical requirements in mind by differentiating between potentially ADR related requests and separating requests based on region.


New Inquiry

Requests for medical information are entered automatically if received via email or fax, otherwise you have the ability to enter them manually.

The process support many different user cases and adapts to the contingent requirement. For example you can:

  • insert new customers on the fly
  • select customers from a pre-existing list
  • insert multiple requests for a single inquirer
  • insert and close requests that were previously answered


Screenshot (2905).png


MIR Inbox

Once entered into the system the medical requests are sorted by country into a specific inbox.



Inquiry details can be viewed and edited, including:

  • inquirer
  • assignment & escalation
  • details
  • ADR related selection
  • forward to departments & users
  • insert messages
  • requests follow-up information
  • answer the inquiry

Inquiries marked as  ARD related or as Product Quality Complaint are automatically forwarded to the responsible department.

MedIS provides you with notification alerts for inquiries under your responsibility and important deadlines.

While answering inquiries you can tap in the standard documentation which is integrated in the system, or copy an answer used in a previous inquiry

An audit trail is logged in the inquiry history to ensure process transparency.



Spam Inbox

The spam inbox provdes separtion betweem the medical information reqeusts and junk mail. It is based on region and contains the spam emails that were send to the system.

MedIS Web includes automatic classification of spam emails, and marking an inquriy as spam removes it from the MIR Inbox  and trains the spam filter to recognize similar email as spam in the future.

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The following web browsers are fully supported by our app: IE 10, IE 11, Chrome, Safari, & Firefox.

MedIS Web went live in October 2014. A new major release is coming in Q1 2017, stay tuned!