Challenges in transaction reporting

Implementing regulations like MIFID II can be a daunting task due to complexity of requirements and implementation and coordination and visibility needed among several stakeholders;
High level of interdependency between work streams (Post Trade Transparency and Transaction Reporting) as well referential data issues (ISINs, LEIs, PII etc) can lead to increased complexity and lack of transparency.
Operational challenges include extra work on phased-in requirements (SI regime) and new ones (FX swaps as single report) as well as potential high volumes of exceptions (internal/external) with considerable remediation efforts.

Automation to the rescue

RegMaster can increase transparency and traceability while reducing considerably the operational effort by organizing the exceptions and automating their distribution to the responsible teams while keeping a clear and dependable audit trail.

Realtime management intelligence

With actionable realtime reports the management will always be aware of current challenges and forecast, but more importantly can act on this data directly through the report by assigning or prioritizing tasks with a simple click.

General Availability

RegMaster will be available for licensing in Q4 2019. If you would like to be a pilot contact us to arrange a meeting.